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Healthy Extras

This category is all about healthy extras and what you can have an additional supplement to your clean eating and healthy diet. Healthy Food Reviews have looked at the best diets for weight loss and also to have a healthy mind. If you feel confident in your body and happy with your diet, you mentally feel better. To go alongside our healthy recipes and reviews, we also want to see what would make you feel better on the side.

Healthy Extras – Brownies

At Healthy Food Reviews, we do believe in having a healthy extra sometimes. Slimming World and Weight Watchers diets both allow for an additional snack every once in a while. We have tried to list our favourites in this category, but it is the healthy brownies which stand out for us. From Fibre One, we could snack on these all day.

Additional Snacks

When going on a healthy diet to keep you lean and clean, it is important you don’t give in to temptation. But it is also important you don’t completely switch off from any snacks. If you starve yourself then as soon as you loosen the strings on your diet, it can all go a bit Pete Tong, So, what Healthy Food Reviews did was to develop a treat box, which allowed us to snack once in a while. usually on a fibre one brownie.

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