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Can I drink alcohol on a healthy diet?

Not so much a healthy recipe but certainly healthy ingredients. This blog is all about managing your alcohol intake whilst on a low-calorie diet. If your aim is to lose weight then it is recommended you go cold turkey when it comes to alcohol. This isn’t just beer, this is all alcohol. Everybody loves to unwind on a Friday night. In fact, you would usually find this blogger winding down on a Friday with a luxurious bottle of gin. But what about low-calorie alcohol? Can we have that if we are on a healthy diet? Well, even low-calorie alcohol potentially leads to alcohol intolerance. This is why we completely drop it if we can.

Is alcohol intolerance the same as caffeine intolerance?

Healthy Food Reviews wrote about developing an alcohol intolerance because of how popular our blog was on caffeine intolerance. There has also been an influx of people trying low-calorie alcohol. The rise of such sites of alongside lockdown has also meant that people are trying out new types of alcohol. Although lower in volume, these new beers may not be lower in calories. The temptation is also to think; ‘its lockdown so why not’. Well, this is a dangerous thought. Even alcohol low in calories can lead to alcohol intolerance. This isn’t just a normal hangover. It is a hangover with other symptoms. Included in these symptoms of intolerance are anxiety, headaches and bowel issues. All symptoms no one wants to experience.

Symptoms of intolerance different from a hangover

Are these symptoms different from that a hangover? Yes, although the experience might be the same, these symptoms can occur for longer. Also, a hangover is often caused by the volume of consumption. However, with intolerances, it is not so much about the consumption of alcohol. Inside most alcohol, especially beer, you will find Wheat. Wheat intolerance is more common that most food intolerances. Wheat is often part of someone’s every diet. Alcohol isn’t. But Wheat is a part of most types of alcohol. All it needs is one sip of that barley beverage and your symptoms can arise. A hangover usually occurs the day after, intolerance symptoms can occur up to 72 hours later.

Does low-calorie alcohol make a difference to alcohol intolerance?

No, not in terms of alcohol intolerance. The point of this article is to explain that no matter how low in calories that food or drink is, it won’t help with your weight loss journey if you have an intolerance to it. Don’t get us wrong, there is some great alcohol low in calories out there that tastes lovely. You should include this in your healthy diet if you do feel that you need alcohol to relieve stress or get by. But if weight loss is your ultimate goal, removing any of the ingredients usually found in alcohol would be a good step. You do find non-alcoholic beer in a lot of shops, but is it to be considered healthy? Check out the ingredients and make that decision for yourself.

We’re not here to preach. However, think of it like this, if you are on a low-calorie diet but still experiencing severe bloating then it is time to consider cutting out alcohol completely.

Guilt-Free Alcohol

If you are above the age of sixteen, you will probably be familiar with the term ‘beer belly’. It happens to many of us, especially those who love a swig of beer in the evenings. The truth is, there are some good low-calorie alcoholic drinks out there which are a perfectly acceptable part of a healthy diet. But there are also plenty that is not. A number of alcoholic drinks will often throw up a large number of calories. Those sugary drinks and cocktails you love to have on a Friday and Saturday night are actually the biggest issue. Beer and the wheat inside it do contribute to a beer belly though. However, there are some alcoholic drinks low in calories. These include single gin and slimline tonic, a vodka and soda and surprisingly perhaps, a standard glass of white wine.

Learn More about Healthy Diets

To learn more about what healthy extras such as low-calorie alcohol you can add to your diet, check out our healthy recipes page. Healthy Food Reviews also has a designated blog and Instagram page leading to viable alternatives should you experience an alcohol intolerance. (This is also applicable to any type of intolerance).

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