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Exercising Indoors – How it leads to better exercise outdoors

The January blues are hitting us hard. One of the best ways to react is to get outside and do exercise. Fresh air is a great remedy for most people. But, like everything else nowadays, it won’t be the same for everyone. This blog talks about the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), as well as discussing the remedies to try and manage it. These involve exercising indoors and outdoors. But more on that later. As we are Healthy Food Reviews, we couldn’t discuss this issue without talking about the best foods for exercise. Here are just some ways to help you get motivated to exercise outdoors, a perfect way to deal with SAD.

Foods Best For Exercise

If someone was asking you which foods are best for exercise, you might hesitate. It’s not easy because not everyone likes the same food. Also, not everyone’s body will react the same way to the same food. Take caffeine for example. Although more commonly associated with drinks and liquids, caffeine can be found in food. A lot of people use it to get a boost of energy to exercise, or just make it to their desk! But if that person has a caffeine intolerance, then would consuming caffeine be good for exercise? Probably not.

Funnily enough, there is actually a prime example of this at Healthy Food Reviews. One of the team is a keen runner. He has now completed two half-marathons in a week. What would be his tip before exercising outdoors? He would say two things, The first would be to exercise indoors, following programmes like Joe Wicks on Monday Mornings. This sets you up perfectly for when it comes to running outdoors. The other would be finding the best foods for exercise for your body. He consumes two cups of black coffee before is run. So, if you were to ask what the best foods for exercise were, he would come back to you stating anything with caffeine.

However, one other member of the team has an intolerance to caffeine. A caffeine intolerance means they can’t consume anything without experiencing the symptoms of intolerance. So what would be the alternative best foods for exercise? We’ll discuss that in the next paragraph.

Foods to start the morning

For those who struggle with SAD, the mornings are probably the hardest to face. It’s dark, cold and often in the UK, it is raining. This is why it is important to start your day right. Because it is cold, people often opt to exercise indoors in the mornings. The mornings are also the best time to exercise indoors, and actually outdoors. So, it is important that you have the right foods to give you that early morning boost. In the past, we have discussed good caffeine alternatives for those with caffeine intolerance. This ties in with finding the best foods for exercise. In that blog, Healthy Food Reviews provide you with the answer to hot lemon juice. This should set you up for your morning exercise.

If it is exercise indoors you are doing, then try to have something light. Whilst exercising outdoors will wake you up, you can eat a bit more because you can go for a walk. A walk means you are less likely to be bouncing around with heavy foods in your stomach. A light walk after porridge is ideal for many. Adding Skinny Food Co syrup to your porridge, before going on a lovely morning 3km walk is what we loved doing during the first lockdown. Essentially, what you can take away from this is that no two foods are best for exercise. It depends on the exercise you are doing, and also what your body can consume. Don’t drink coffee if you have a caffeine intolerance before exercise. Also, don’t have porridge if you have a dairy intolerance or intolerance to oats. It can be that simple.

How does exercising indoors lead to better exercise outdoors

For this last part, we will let the runners of the world take over. Whilst discussing the best foods for exercise, we also need to discuss exercise tips. Having a banana or yoghurt before a Joe Wicks warm-up and HIIT session is actually good. The foods are light and not too heavy, meaning they will not have too much of an impact on your exercise routine. With a low-calorie diet, you can exercise indoors knowing you will lose weight. This is perfect for the beginner starting their weight loss journey. You can do a gentle warm-up and HIIT routine which allows you to tone your body and allow it to adapt to doing exercise. This means when it comes to venturing outside when Spring comes around, you will be all limbered up and feeling fresh.

Essentially, with SAD keeping people inside, it is important you still get your exercise in. You do need fresh air but this is not always possible. So, just because you can’t venture outside now, it doesn’t mean you cannot be prepared. The last thing you want to do is go outside when March comes around and start falling apart. Stay warm by exercising indoors so when it comes to outdoor exercise, you are ready.

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