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Diets To Lose Weight – Learn About Them

Which are the best diets to lose weight? There are so many foods and healthy recipes which contribute to weight loss. Part of the Healthy Food Reviews mantra is to be both active and efficient in eating good foods. Exercise alone does not mean you will lose weight. You need to find the right food diets to lose weight. Good food recipes and exercise mean you are more likely to lose weight. Exercise does help you to tone up your body, but it is in the kitchen where the real action helps.

Are there Diets to Lose Weight?

There is not one specific diet to lose weight. Everybody reacts differently to separate types of foods and different types of exercise. If you’ve read any healthy food blogs recently, you will know this is an important part of our advice. Furthermore, though, there are a variety of diets which will help you to lose weight. Some people opt for a Keto diet, some, an Atkins diet and some a fasting diet. For clarity, one of the healthy diets we have not tried is the 5:2 diet. This is because we value good food recipes and wouldn’t want to reduce our food intake. Below are some of the varied diets many people try in order to achieve weight loss.

Atkins Diet

Recently, Healthy Food Reviews spoke about a no carb diet. The Atkins diet is much more a low carb diet. It is not as brutal as a no carb diet but will still help you to lose weight. Perhaps the most important part of an Atkins diet is patience. Once your body gets used to your healthy diet, and you get to learn how to control carbohydrates in your diet. Weight loss is essentially a game. Your body is trying to second guess you and the best way to beat it is to burn more calories.

The good thing about which foods you need to eat is that it is varied. You can still eat meats and dishes full of protein. All of which are imperative to have in your good food diet. This is probably one reason why the Atkins diet is one of the more popular. But enough about the importance of diets to lose weight, what foods can you actually eat?

Foods that help with weight loss

When embarking on a healthy diet to help with your weight loss, you need to consider what foods you can consume. People often put off diets because they think they have to cut out everything. Well, on the Atkins diet you can have beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Bacon is also on the list don’t worry! You can also get plenty of essential vitamins in your diet. These would include salmon and sardines. Salmon is great for Omega 3.

An egg salad is still on the list. You can check out our eggscellent recipe here on our healthy recipes page. Healthy Food Reviews are also pleased to report that there are low carb vegetables like kale, broccoli, spinach and asparagus which you can have in your diet. Additionally, as long as you follow the portion sizes you can also include butter cheese and full-fat yoghurt in your healthy diet. This does not sound so bad, does it? It is definitely worth a try.

Keto Diets To Lose Weight

A keto diet is also popular. Although the title of the blog is Healthy Food Reviews, this is not a review. It is more a guide as to which diets you can follow to lose weight. Here’s what foods you can eat and still achieve your weight loss goals on a Keto diet:

Foods that are keto-friendly

Yes, you can still have the all-important seafood. Salmon and shellfish are on the list. You can rejoice. So, you can still get your essential vitamins and protein your diet. These are perhaps the most popular foods to consume on a ketogenic diet. Furthermore, you can have these foods with other healthy extras. There are low-carb vegetables which you can have alongside salmon. Avocados are increasingly popular. These are also part of the keto diet alongside our favourite, eggs! Similar to an Atkins diet, you can also ensure there is plenty of yoghurt in your diet.

5:2 Diet

This is perhaps probably the hardest of all diets. It requires willpower, as all healthy diets do, but can also have an impact on your performance. If you are still working during the lockdown then fasting on the 5:2 diet may be a struggle. What’s more, if you are furloughed it might be even worse. This is because fasting can leave your body lacking energy. Men need to consume around 2000 calories a day to get the required amount of energy. Women need to consume around 1500 calories a day to function properly. Eating this amount would help you to sustain and even lose weight. You won’t consume this many calories on a 5:2 diet.

What does a 5:2 Diet entail?

Well, a healthy diet usually entails requiring fasting for 5 days a week. This is certainly one of the diets which helps people to lose weight. But why do people do it? Well, to lose weight! The reason is that if they can consume anything they want on a weekend, then the work week pain is worth it. But you just need to make sure you are not ill. Fasting can be done, but you still need to do it correctly. Some people end up finding they do not want to ruin their week’s good work by consuming calories on the weekend. If oyu do this, you can rule out exercise. You simply will not have enough energy from your calories.

So, these are three of the most popular diets around at the moment. Let Healthy Food Reviews know on our Instagram page which healthy diet you would choose.

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