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A moment on the lips means forever on the hips

We’ve all heard that famous saying, ‘a moment on the lips means forever on the hips’. Well, at Healthy Food Reviews, we don’t subscribe to that ethos. Yes, we know you can’t eat whatever you want. We’re not saying diets are not a real thing, don’t get us wrong. But if you eat well, exercise, and control your portions, you’ll do well. We subscribe to the ethos that low-calorie foods should be savoured on the lips, and it will leave nothing on the hips.

Low Calorie Foods and Diets

To be honest, we’ve been doing this for seven months now… and to us, it doesn’t seem like a diet anymore. We don’t mean this in an arrogant way and Healthy Food Reviews does apologise if you think that’s how it comes across. The team has just trained itself to like low-calorie foods and subscribe to this level of diet. It all comes naturally now. One of our tips to losing weight during lockdown was about preparing your kitchen. To lose weight, you need to rid the cupboards of any potential hip-altering snacks. Chuck out the bad and bring in the good. If you don’t want to go completely cold turkey in your beeline for weight loss, low-calorie foods can still be eaten in moderation. The odd chocolate mousse or yoghurt won’t cause too much harm if you have been eating properly and exercising.

What foods are good for us?

Well, it is not just fruit and vegetables which are good for us. Healthy Food Reviews have even managed to keep lasagne and spaghetti on the menu. You may raise your eyebrows at this. BUT, tonight we had another lovely low calorie lasagne and it’s on the menu for the next few days as leftovers! The thing about lasagne is the calories come in the form of the white sauce which is often used. If it’s someone like Dolmio where you are getting your white sauce (don’t get us wrong, it is lovely) then this is likely to be the calories are going to be.

Pasta dishes including lasagne

If you ask us what our favourite food is, and also our friends, we’ll always go for lasagne. Whilst we can’t eat it out because we preferred to be fancy (just ask Sexy Mamma Loves Spaghetti), it’s always going to be number one. When the diet was first discussed, the initial fear was that dishes like lasagne and spaghetti would be out. But, being resourceful ways and through some thorough Instagram research, we found ways to include these pasta and mince dishes in our diets!

Wheat-Free spaghetti is one of the low-calorie foods we are absolutely love in. We make our own lasagne white sauce, using a tweak to the recipe with a macaroni cheese tin from Morrisons. That’s our preferred choice anyway, but there isn’t a particular shop we would suggest. One of the biggest fears of dieting is that you do not want to give up your favourite foods. However, remember, with low-calorie foods, even the best meals do not mean ‘a moment on the lips means forever on the hips’. With some of our pasta recipes at Healthy Food Reviews, a moment on the lips means nothing on the hips.