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5 healthy recipes you need to try this Christmas

It’s finally here. The end of 2020! And what a strange year it has been. Whilst it has been terrible in so many ways, there have been some positives. Healthy Food Reviews was born. A new exercise regime was developed. We also learnt more about our 5 good food recipes which have transformed our year. Plus, the team at Healthy Food Reviews has also expanded its kitchen knowledge.

5 good food recipes (and a bit of drink)

Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading our blogs over the recent months and don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. Below is a round-up of the five best good food recipes and foods we have enjoyed this year. Enjoy!

Healthy Recipe of Porridge and Skinny Syrup for Breakfast

You probably guessed this would be at the top of our list of 5 good food recipes. Yes, that is right. Healthy Food Reviews are revisiting the Skinny Syrup essential! Our skinny syrup reviews were all everyone was talking about at the start of lockdown. This was during our healthy breakfast phase (which we are still in). Yes, that’s right, porridge is still a major part of our breakfast routine. To add some healthy extras and flavour to the porridge, we have also added some flavoursome and skinny syrup. The chocolate flavour is our favourite still of course!

This low-calorie healthy extra sauce provides us with great entertainment and really perks us up in the morning. Don’t worry, we are not going to encourage you to add skinny chocolate syrup on your Christmas dinner. A dash of syrup in your coffee, a dash of syrup in your porridge. This is your golden (syrup) ticket to a new healthy lifestyle.

Cheeseburger Pasta – Food

This was one positive of lockdown. Healthy Food Reviews discovered cheeseburger pasta. That’s right, cheeseburger pasta. Combine these two things together, and all you think of is calorie madness. However, this cheeseburger pasta recipe provides you, the readers, with the perfect low-calorie meal for your weekly meal plan. If you are exercising indoors or outdoors, then this is certainly a good and healthy way of carb-loading the night before. You can find the recipe here. We do want to emphasise however that this meal does require at least 45 minutes of prep time. Trust us, it is worth the wait, however.

Beanies Flavoured Coffee

Okay, this isn’t exactly a healthy recipe. But it is healthy and it is all to do with flavours! At Healthy Food Reviews, you will probably remember that our favourite flavour was the cookie dough chocolate flavour. Fortunately for us, our sweet tooth didn’t transfer itself into our caffeine cravings. Whilst we were trying to remove coffee from our diet due to the potential caffeine intolerance, we weren’t necessarily craving another energy-boosting drink. Lots of people like to add sugar to their morning drinks to get that boost of energy. Don’t worry though, we’re not into all of that either.

Healthy Food Reviews felt compelled to try out the Beanies Flavoured Coffee. Whilst there are options like mint chocolate and even an almond flavour, the cookie dough flavour was our favourite. In fact, despite the delicious sounding flavours, Beanies Flavoured Coffee is actually completely sugar-free. For those of you looking to try something new in their healthy diet, drinks are certainly a good place to start. However, flavoured coffee won’t help those of you suffering from a caffeine intolerance. It might help you cope with your sweet tooth, however!

Low-Calorie Spaghetti

Have you been with us all year? If so, you’ll know all about our low-calorie spaghetti. Of course, this makes it into our 5 good food recipes. Our favourite saying regarding low-calorie spaghetti includes: if we could have it every week, we could. If you’re worried about the pasta feeling a bit dry or lacking a bit of flavour, then that is what the dairy lea is for. An excellent healthy extra. Furthermore, some people, if cooking for their partner, also add some smoked bacon. Low in calories, this is another carb-loading meal which makes it perfectly acceptable to exercise indoors and outdoors on the next day.

The Last Of Our 5 Good Food Recipes

Vegan-Friendly Cheesecake Recipe! Yes, we would save one of the best until the last! Whilst our weeks are full of healthy foods and recipes, it is not always enough to quash our cravings. In fact, Healthy Food Reviews are rounding off its favourite 5 good food recipes with this delicious vegan-friendly cheesecake. By adding this weekly meal to your plan, a post-dinner craving for a sweet treat will be a thing of the past. One of the major selling points of this cheesecake is that it is vegan friendly. So, if you are doing veganuary or any other meat-free diet, this would be an ideal addition!

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